Saturday, August 17, 2013

Prepare the Barouche; I'm Going to the Thea-tah

At last! I'm finally counting down the days until I see Austenland! I've been looking forward to this movie (based on the novel by Shannon Hale) since I first heard about it in January. The film opened yesterday in Los Angeles and New York. Here are a few of the review tweets I read this morning:

And USA Today says "Austenland is spirited and gently witty."

The film, like the book, pays homage to modern-day Janeites who just can't get enough of Mr. Darcy and, if given the chance, wouldn't mind indulging in a little Pride and Prejudice role-playing.

Sony's release schedule has the film opening in my city on August 30 and I'll be there! I hope it comes to your town soon. You can check your city's release date here.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sense and Sensibility: The Musical

I love going to the theater and seeing productions everyone's talking about; but every once in a while, I get to see a new play that hasn't yet hit the critics' radar screens. Denver is fortunate to be the venue where many productions premier their plays before heading to New York or embarking on a national tour. That was the case with Sense & Sensibility: The Musical.

It's a charming version of one of my favorite Jane Austen novels and it didn't disappoint me. The cast was exceptional, the costumes by Emilio Sosa (one of my all-time favorite Project Runway designers) were a visual treat, and the music and lyrics helped move the story along. I'll even confess to getting a little misty-eyed during Marianne and Colonel Brandon's duet; it was so sweet and touching!

I hope you get a chance to see this wonderful production. In the meantime, follow this link to the Facebook page for Sense & Sensibility: the Musical, where you can read more about the production, see pictures of the performance, and hear the songs.

Click on this link to read an article from Broadway World about the sold-out performances of SSTM's Denver world premier.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jane Austen to be face of the Bank of England £10 note

The Bank of England announced that Jane Austen's image will appear on the new £10 bank note.

The new bank note featuring the beloved author of Pride and Prejudice will probably start appearing in 2017.

In addition to Jane Austen's image, the bank note's planned design includes:
  • A quote from Pride and Prejudice - "I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!"
  • An illustration of Elizabeth Bennet, one of the characters in Pride and Prejudice
  • An image of Godmersham Park in Kent - the home of Jane Austen's brother, Edward Austen Knight, and the inspiration for a number of novels
  • A central background design of the author's writing table which she used at home at Chawton Cottage in Hampshire
You can read about the announcement and the public campaign that influenced the Bank of England's decision.