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Traditional Regency romances have always been my favorite romance genre. When I was a teenager, my older sisters and I discovered Barbara Cartland, then we graduated to reading Georgette Heyer's Regencies.

We even tried our hands at writing romances of our own, weaving stories of high drama and delicious romance that we read to each other while our parents were at work. Looking back, I remember those stories were short and had some pretty preposterous plot lines. But at the time, my sisters and I were hugely entertained, and isn't that the purpose of a good story: to entertain?

Over the years I continued to read romances and I continued to write them. With each book my writing improved and eventually I worked up the courage to submit one of my books to publishers. Kensington accepted the first Regency romance I ever wrote, Delightful Deception. I continued to write and eventually published six Regency romance novels and four novellas with Kensington.

I've received letters from readers who told me they liked my books because they were "clean." That's a descriptor I don't mind at all. I've always tried to write my stories with emphasis on the developing relationship between the hero and heroine. I set out to write stories about men and women falling in love and, from the letters I receive, it sounds like there are readers who like to read the books I write. And for that, I'm truly grateful!

I still enjoy writing about a time and place where all the men are gentlemen, all the women are ladies and there's always a fancy dress ball to attend. And I deeply appreciate the readers who enjoy visiting my world of Regency romance.

Nancy Lawrence

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