Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Read Reviews of Nancy's Regency Romances

I work hard on all the books I write, so when word gets back to me that someone read one of my stories and liked it . . . well, it puts the Devonshire cream on my tea-cake. Here is a sampling of some of the generous and kind feedback I've received from readers and reviewers:

A Scandalous Season: "A light-hearted drawing room comedy to brighten your day" - Romantic Times

A Noble Rogue: "A pleasing tale of love in Regency England."
- Romantic Times

Miss Hamilton's Hero: "A well-written and enjoyable book!"

An Intimate Arrangement: "A pleasing romance of two lonely hearts in search of a home." - Romantic Times

"A very enjoyable afternoon's read. One of the better Regencies I've come across recently." -

5 Stars! "Be sure to read this one, it's sure to win over your heart as well!" - Affaire de Coeur

"A sweet and romantic love story . . . Light and fun reading." -

All Dressed In White: "I love anthologies and this one is great." -

A Mother's Love: "I recommend this book, but especially for the story called Sweet Companion." -

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Sequestered Nook

I come by my love of romances honestly, starting at a relatively young age. My three sisters and I cut our romance teeth on Barbara Cartland. When we were in high school, a friend at church introduced us to Georgette Heyer; and by the time the oldest of us hit college age, we were deeply immersed in every book ever written by Jane Austen.

That's when we tried our hands at writing romances of our own, weaving stories of high drama and delicious romance that we happily read to each other as we sat at our kitchen table.

Looking back, I recall that our stories were short, deeply romantic, and preposteriously plotted. But at the time, my sisters and I were hugely entertained. And isn't that the purpose of a good story -- to entertain?

Since those early teenage years of scribbling stories with my sisters, my writing style has changed, evolved, and improved (at least, I think it's improved!). But no matter how much I've changed as a person or as an author, I still cherish a soft spot in my heart and mind for a traditional Regency romance.

I love to read them . . . and I still love to write them. The world of the Regency Romance is a world of harmony, good manners, sparkling conversation, gallant gentlemen, lovely heroines, and -- above all -- true love. It's romance at its finest!

Join me in a Regency romance, won't you?